Let’s dive into how the pricing works.

Key Features

All Targeting options (Commercial, NOD, Full Farm, Absentee)
Target Landing page with home valuation, accessed via a QR code (commercial coming soon)
Full access to all data
Full CRM for leads on platform
Touchpoint Customizable
Touchpoints sent every 2 weeks
Billing automation with your accounting software (BrokerWolf coming soon!) ✖️
Spouse targeting ✖️
Advanced email inbox placement ✖️
Farm update alerts ✖️
Export incremental data changes ✖️
Export full data for each property ✖️
Advanced touchpoint customization ✖️
Multiple template options ✖️
Customization of the QR code landing page ✖️

$0.95 per APN per month per campaign

No hidden fees. No subscription.

500 APN minimum.

10% discount (to $0.86) for an individual or team with more than 5,000 APNs.

Applies to Full Farm & Absentee campaigns.

Note that an “APN” is one target property (one mailing address.)

NODs are slightly different.

For the Notice of Default campaigns, it doesn’t make sense to do it for all 12 months – usually, once they default, they’re out much sooner than that!

So, our NOD campaigns are 3 months long, with 4 touches per month, for a total of 12 touches. (Standard campaigns are 12 months long, with only 2 touches per monthly.)

The cost of NOD campaigns are $5 per APN per month, for 3 months.

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