Harma Hartouni

Business results–with a heart.

When Harma started his first real estate agency, he’s the one that came in after everyone else left after work and spent his evenings cleaning it to a sparkle. He knows that to reach great heights, you can’t be scared of falling into the mud.


Chief of Staff & Chief Marketing Officer

Morgan Friedman

Art and Science–merged through obsession.

Morgan is the sort of guy that says, “Okay, so the right target market like this is Brazil, so I’m now going to go learn Portuguese and move to Sao Paulo for as long as it takes to make it happen.

VP of Engineering & Lead Developer

Russ Tinayle

Engineering high–and engineering low.

Russ enjoys this mystery of going by many names–what is in a name, really?–but above all, he thinks and acts not only like a software developer and tech lead, but one who understands the business side and will make the engineering happen to fulfill the business needs.

Right Hand Man and Jack of all Trades

Zach Pomer

Implementation in the details–with the big picture overview.

Zach’s superpower is his ability to both have his heads in the clouds and his feet on the ground simultaneously: he’ll fill you with creative ideas, while working on every little detail to make sure it actually happens.

Lead Product Designer

Max Headroom

Needs to look great–while being easy to use!

Max Headroom is the Secret Spy Name for our Crack Designer. Like Banksy himself, he likes to stay unseen by the world outside and like Batman only comes out at night.


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