The Personalized Touches Your Targets Receive

Postcards, emails, texts and other contact points don’t just give you name recognition; they contribute tangible value to the owners by helping them. The best way to charm people is to create high-value for them, on a regular and ongoing basis.

Personalized Touches


The owners get a post card every few weeks with a friendly, personal, and personable message. The best part? Some of the postcards include a QR code they can scan in to get a free valuation of their home!


What’s great about letters is they demonstrate seriousness of purpose, and let you convey more and different information. And the best part about letters is when they give you useful information – and that’s what your letters will do.

Personalized Touches
Personalized Touches


Voicemails are absurdly effective; most targets listen, and they get to know you. The risk with voicemails is that the recipient doesn’t want them – but we only send voicemails to the targets who have already opted in to receive them from you, so it is fully kosher.


The platform also knows the targets’ email addresses and sends them emails on your behalf. You can customize and edit the templates for the emails as well. And the best part? We also know their spouse’s email address as well, and can send to them if you like, as well.

Personalized Touches