Our Mission

The mission of AgentData is summarized in this one phrase:

To make the lives of real estate agents easier, enhancing their income and helping them have an excellent quality of life.

Within our team, we always call this “The Triple E‑s”–and every decision we make, from the biggest strategic questions to the smallest micro choices, we always bring back to the same question: “Will this help the triple E‑s?”

Our mission is to make the lives of real estate agents easier because real estate agents now spend far too much time doing anything other than the core of being a real estate agent! Most spend most of their time finding leads and listings, not helping humans find their perfect homes..

Our mission is to make the lives of real estate agents more effective because there is far too much bullshit out there stopping the work real estate agents do from achieving the results that they need. We aim to sweep away the bullshit and focus on what works best for agents.

(And yes, we purposefully use the word “bullshit” here rather than some weak euphemism because being blunt-spoken, honest, and direct–no matter how hard or off-putting it sounds–is core to how we operate. Too much sugar destroys your taste buds.)

Our mission is to help real estate agents achieve an excellent quality of life because real estate agents need to make sure that while doing all the nitty-gritty day-to-day work of being a real estate agent, that they make sure they can live a good life, or even more than good, a great life–a mission that is too easy to lose or forget, but we need to make sure they don’t only remember it, but they achieve it.

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