Extreme, Laser-Like Targeting!

There’s magic in our extreme targeting. Our platform has the phone number, email, and mailing address for over 70% of the owners. We’ve built in every detail: if you want, we can email not just the owner, but his/her husband/wife as well!

  • Use polygons to choose the exact location and dimensions of the area (much more granular than zip codes).
  • You can target by unit types (multi-unit buildings? condos? and many more)
  • You can target by owner type (absentee owners? commercial owners? those who received notices of default? All owners?)

Leads can get an instant valuation (if you want)!

The postcards, emails, and other contact points don’t just give you name recognition – but we contribute tangible value to the owners by helping them. The best way to charm people is to create high-value for them, on a regular and ongoing basis.

  • Our materials include a QR code and link that takes them to a unique page about their property – brought to them by you!
  • And that property includes a valuation of their property.
  • We use this as bait for them to click – and their valuation interest can show an interest in selling.
  • You, of course, can see who does or doesn’t scan the code to see the valuation.

Customization & personalization!

No generic templates to go out here! We give you effective & awesome templates so you can do as little as you want – but you can customize and personalize them in many ways – including uploading your own templates and designs as well.

  • Use your photo & your own text!

  • Include your brokerage’s info and logo as well, if you want.

  • Record your own voicemails to leave!


Automated Multi-Touch Campaigns & Follow-ups

You can sit on the beach while we do all the heavy lifting for you: we’ll target the users, create the materials, send them, and you can wait for the leads to start rolling in. Of course, you get all the targets’ contact info as well so you can supplement our contacts with additional touchpoints and reachouts of your own.

  • It works great if you don’t do any extra reachouts, but you can do as much extra touchpoints as you want yourself!

  • Our templates are written to be a sequence that flows, each message following up to the last.

  • We target not only the owners’ address, email, and phone – but those of his/her husband/wife as well.

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But wait, there’s more!

The core functionality is only one part of the magic. The rest comes from the tiny little details. It’s just design the right way you need it to be.

You get exclusive access to your target area

No other agent or brokerage can get the same units that your area covers.

Full fledged contact management system (CRM)!

You can see the status and actions that they’ve taken, and even give them a call if you want.

Awesome templates for all content!

You can personalize the content. But our default templates are as charming as the text on here so you don’t need to.

Coaching, reminders, tips & scripts!

We’ll tell you when the messages are going out & share lots of script samples.

Fully TCPA Compliant!

Our lawyers assure us that we’re fully compliant with all messaging laws. And all other laws, too!

Full owner contact info!

Combining various data sources, we source addresses, emails & phone numbers for >70% of targets & spouses.

Mission: To make the lives of real estate agents easier, enhancing their income and helping them have an excellent quality of life.

Our mission goes beyond merely farming. That’s just the first step of our journey.

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