Brokerage Plans

We have two Tiers of brokerage plans. Both are awesome for brokerages, but just offer a different set of features and benefits–and different price-points. Let’s dive into their differences.

Features Differences

Tier 1


Tier 2


All Targeting options (Commercial, NOD, Full Farm, Absentee)
Target Landing page with home valuation, accessed via a QR code (commercial coming soon)
Full access to all data
Full CRM for leads on platform
Touchpoint Customizable
Touchpoints sent every 2 weeks
Billing automation with your accounting software (BrokerWolf coming soon!) ✖️
Spouse targeting ✖️
Farm update alerts ✖️
Export incremental data changes ✖️
Export full data for each property ✖️
Advanced touchpoint customization ✖️
Multiple template options ✖️
Customization of the QR code landing page ✖️

Tier 1 vs 2 Pricing

Level Name Max APNs per month & Max users per month Tier 1 Monthly Brokerage Fee — Now Live! Tier 1 Physical Mailing Fee– Now Live! Tier 2 Monthly Brokerage Fee – Coming Soon! Tier 2 Physical Mailing Fee — Coming Soon!
Small Team <10k APNs & <7 users $500/month $0.79/physical mailing (approx. 1 per month per agent; no SMS, voicemail, nor email fees); Charged to Agent
$750/month Same as Tier 1, and the brokerage receives a $0.04 credit per physical mailing; Direct agent billing, integrated with your system
Large Team I <20k APNs & <14 users $1k/month Same as above
$1.5k/month Same as above
Large Team II <40k APNs & <27 users $2k/month Same as above $3k/month Same as above
Brokerage I <80k APNs & <54 users $3.5k/month Same as above $5.25k/month Same as above
Brokerage II <120k APNs & < 81 users $5k/month Same as above $7.5k/month Same as above
Brokerage III <180k APNs & <121 users $6k/month Same as above $9k/month Same as above
Brokerage IV >180k or >121 users TBD TBD TBD TBD
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