Pricing for Agents

Agent Pricing
Your Annual Farming Touches Include:
  • Agent Pricing
    8 Postcards
  • Agent Pricing
    8 Emails
  • Agent Pricing
    4 Letters
  • Agent Pricing
    4 Voicemails

Per year (One touch per two weeks)


*per physical mailing

Targets receive 1 digital and 1 physical mailing per month, on average.

If you’re targeting 1,000 homes, you’ll pay $790/month.
Your brokerage also pays a subscription fee, which covers the costs of the emails, voicemails, data and everything else.
There is a minimum of one year commitment per agent. Voicemails will also be replaced with emails if no legal consent is given, and other slight variations, may apply.
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Common Questions

Agent Data is an automated farming outreach platform that sends marketing materials on your behalf and coaches you on how to convert leads into listings while providing you with more opportunities, effective results, and less stress.

Because we–the half the team that runs a real estate agency–used these very techniques to grow our agency to make $2 billion in sales last year. It’s one of our secret sauces. So we already built the technology for ourselves… why not tweak it and have a fun software startup, and help the millions of other agents around the country as well (who don’t live in our same geographic area haha!)?

Yes, you’re right, this system was the key to our making $2 billion in sales last year. We understand that lots of people have the instinct: if you build something great, keep it to yourself. But we have the opposite instinct: with sharing, everyone benefits. Plus, of course we wanted to do something amazing and beautiful with our world-class software developer team. And, we have to add, this is one reason we include the rule that only one agent can have one geographic area, so our users don’t compete with our own agents. We won’t say the name of the firm now, but Googling us, you can find it very quickly.

We offer four different targeted automated farming products: Notice of Default, Absentee Owners, NODs, and Commercial.

Simply visit, click on apply, then pick the product you’re interested in.

Our Agent Data products have a variety of commitment periods. You’re responsible to commit to the duration of the campaign or you may be subject to a cancellation fee.

Your first marketing piece will go out on either the 1st or the 15th of the month, whichever date is closer to the date you met with our tech support and started your campaign.

You are billed on the 25th of every month for the duration of your campaign and the total cost of your campaign is divided into equal monthly payments.

Yes, you may update your credit card at any time under the billing tab in your Agent Data dashboard.

You may completely remove records individually from your dashboard during the first 5 days from the start date of your campaign and may manually disable any contacts that have requested to be removed from your mailing list during the entire duration of your campaign. You may also add additional addresses to your mailing list if you’d like to receive a copy of your marketing materials but you may not change the area you’re farming until the campaign ends.

No, you have exclusive access to the campaign area you choose and the first right for renewal.

Yes, you may farm as many zip codes as you’d like as long as they are not already taken by another agent.

Yes, you may edit your contact information at any time by visiting the marketing profile tab on your Agent Data dashboard.

You are committed to completing any campaign you begin but you may run additional product campaigns simultaneously with different start dates.

Postcards are sent to the printer 15 days before they arrive at a homeowner’s address.

If you didn’t receive a copy of your postcard, make sure that you’ve added your address where you receive mail as an extra address without your campaign dashboard. This will ensure you know when people are receiving your postcards and you’ll feel confident that they were successfully sent out on your behalf. If you have further questions, you may contact [email protected] for proof of mailing from the United State Post Office.

Our data will not be scrubbed against the nationwide do not call list, so you will be responsible to remove anyone who calls you and requests to be taken off of your campaign and will be liable for any fines if you do not do so.

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